NO MERCY 3 bleach hentai porn manga

” I haven’t been properly introduced to these tits of yours yet, have I? It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is… “

Best pick-up line ever? Well I didn’t hear any better than this one. Smooth and right on the spot (for God’s sake don’t try this in RL). Our main story here summarize around sexy and hot Rangiku. She is fucking around with two guys who are totally underestimating her stamina. What comes next should be pretty clear, but well I won’t tell you any more spoilers for this super hot Bleach adult Doujinshi. What I would like to add is the excellent drawing style from mangaka “Miduki Jou”. It’s very calm and yet exciting. If you have the option of buying this first hand, you should buy it for sure and thus support the author.

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